A woman dies after falling from a vertical pole in Valladolid

A tragedy mourned a family from Valladolid after the death of Rosa del Carmen Arceo Novelo, 42 years old, who suffered an accident when she fell from a vertical pole while she was training to dance.

The events occurred on the night of Tuesday, October 31, in the Flor Campestre neighborhood, when the woman was performing her routine at a pole dance academy. A wrong movement caused her to lose strength in his hands and fall to the floor from a height of 3 meters.

However, during the afternoon of Wednesday, November 1, it emerged that the accident occurred when the pole broke, which caused the woman to fall and suffer a severe blow to the head.

The accident left her semi-conscious, and witnesses to the events immediately called the Emergency and Security forces, who arrived at the scene and provided first aid to the woman.

Paramedics took Rosa to the General Hospital in Valladolid, where she later died.

At the moment, the authorities are carrying out investigations to determine the causes of the accident.

TYT Newsroom

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