A “sneaky” snake leaves an area in Mérida without electricity

During the rain on Friday night, a snake left a part of the southern area of ​​Mérida without electricity, according to a social media user.

A person who was identified as “Erick Briceño” said, through a video, that during the downpour that fell on the night of Friday, November a loud noise was heard, caused by a short circuit at the top of a pole on the street. Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

At that moment the area was dark, so the neighbors began to call the CFE to make the report. The workers of the electric company would have arrived to carry out repairs to a pole located on 127th Street and 54th Street in the neighborhood and, as reported in the video, when carrying out the work they found the snake tangled in the cables, already dead from the cause. of electric shock.

The animal left the jungle area of ​​the Mérida airport and began to look for shelter, but died when it reached the top of the pole and collided with the medium voltage cables.

The curious case quickly became known among the neighbors and on social networks, some curious people even came to the place to look at the body of the boa that was left on the sidewalk.

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