Yucatecan has been taking care of Merida’s trees for eight years

Pedro Canché

Pedro Canché has dedicated more than eight years to urban tree care and currently works at the Sustainable Development Unit in the Mulsay subdivision.

Every day he takes care of the trees and plants in the nursery there.

Pedro commented that he is dedicated to the arborization of all of Mérida: he goes to parks, schools and avenues, as well as some streets for which he receives requests.

Among his functions are reforestation and the delivery of trees and plants for “adoption” to families or individuals who come to the Unit; a maximum of 10 trees can be given.

The interviewee shared that he loves his job, it is a great task to keep these living beings healthy and safe. When a tree arrives at the Unit, the first thing he does is to check that it has good soil and adequate substrates, prune the tree, remove the dry branches and water it.

According to him, the work has left him with many lessons that have not only stayed with him, but he has taken them to his home, streets, parks and any place where he has been able to teach someone how to plant a tree.

In the future, he said, he would like to share all his knowledge in a talk or something like that.

He likes to see how the families leave happy to take and adopt a tree, he is proud to be part of this reforestation for the benefit of the city.

TYT Newsroom