Yucatecan designer participates in animated series “Miraculous: The Adventures of Lady Bug”

“Miraculous: The Adventures of Ladybug” has several talents, and among them is Yucatecan Gerardo Andres Mendoza Varadas, who has put the name of the state on high.

For the past four years, Gerardo Mendoza, a talented creator originally from Yucatan, has been an integral part of the successful animated series “Miraculous: The Adventures of Lady Bug”. Although thousands of children are excited about the series and its movie, most are unaware that one of the supervisors of the animation is a Yucatecan named Gerardo Ándres Mendoza Varadas.

The animator explained that Marinette Dupain-Cheng is the character behind Ladybug, a teenage student at the Collège de Paris with a cheerful, kind, dreamy, and sometimes somewhat awkward and melodramatic personality, who dreams of becoming a famous designer.

Mendoza Varadas shared that he has been involved in this film for over 10 years, with the last four working in Montreal, Canada, also collaborating on the film Play Móvil, which is available on the Netflix platform.

What is the trajectory of the Yucatecan?

Prior to this Mendoza, 39, worked for two years in Madrid on the project Parque Mágico, and before that on the Mexican film: Un gallo con muchos huevos.

The Yucatecan creator graduated at the age of 26 with a degree in Design, but his desire to continue his education was stronger, so he studied for a master’s degree in 3D Animation. He later worked on commercials and Mexican films, as well as special effects for some soap operas.

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