Young woman dies in a gym after hitting herself with exercise machine in Peru


A young woman, only 26 years old, died tragically after hitting her head on a machine at the gym she regularly attended.

Taking precautions when using a machine at the gym is essential to avoid any kind of life-threatening accident, as there have already been cases in which performing an exercise incorrectly has caused considerable injuries.

Just that happened in a gym in Peru, where a young woman of only 26 years of age died tragically after hitting her head on a machine in the gym where she regularly went.

The events took place on September 25 in the city of Trujillo, La Libertad province, in Perú, when Diana Luz Ruiz Caballero was performing her exercise routine at the Energy Plus gym when the young woman fainted for no apparent reason.

At first it was said that Diana had slipped accidentally, however, although the causes of her death have not been clarified and the investigations continue, it seems that the young woman had hit one of the machines when she tripped on a slope, which caused her death.

Gym staff tried to help her and called emergency services, however, first aid specialists could not do anything for the young woman, who no longer had vital signs.

Meanwhile, authorities have requested the recordings of the gym’s video surveillance cameras to shed light on what happened moments before the tragic accident.

Diana was a primary school teacher and mother of two children, who are now orphaned, while the Energy Plus gym closed its doors for 48 hours as a sign of mourning.

TYT Newsroom

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