Pitt Bull in a rage .

MÉRIDA, Yucatan, October 26, 2023.- The intention to help a dog she saw lost in the street backfired on a woman, who was bitten on the thigh by a pit bull in the Díaz Ordaz neighborhood in Mérida.

The events occurred between Correa Rachó Avenue and Federal School 7, and the aggression was reported by the user herself on social networks.

According to her account, it was 12 noon when Rocío B. was walking down the street and suddenly saw the dog alone, so she decided to take photos of him to share them on social networks so that his owners would see them and come and get him.

However, apparently, the dog thought she was going to attack him and pounced on the woman, who was bitten on the thigh, so she had to go to a doctor.

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“The owners did not show up, therefore, according to protocol, he will have to be taken to the kennel and me with anti-rabies vaccination sessions,” the woman posted.

She asked the owners to rescue the dog.

She also asked for help in finding the dog’s family so that they could come for the animal.

I hope you help me to share this publication and that it turns out that he has a family and they manage to save him. Poor pets, many of them, like this one, are only used to exploit and abandon them. October 23rd,” he concluded.

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