User exhibits on social media the poor service in a public hospital in Mérida

Emergency patients in a public hospital in Mérida, where they wait on chairs due to the lack of beds.

It seems that hospital saturation is beginning to be noticeable in Yucatán, according to a video circulating on social networks, where a user denounces the poor conditions in which patients at the Lic. Ignacio García Téllez Hospital, of the Mexican Social Security Institute, is found. (IMSS).

In the video, several patients sitting, some with torn gowns and with their relatives visibly angry about the conditions in which they find themselves.

On several occasions, president Andrés Manuel López Obrador has promised that under his administration Mexico would have a first-class health system, “like in Denmark.” In every mention of this promise, he has set a deadline to fulfill it, which, less than a year before the end of his government, has not been achieved.

“They have been sitting here for three days, their clothes torn, people dissatisfied; but the Mayan Train, luxury and top-class,” the person taking the recording says.

Angrily, the woman declares that in the emergency area, there is only one doctor available to care for the patients that can be seen in the images, of which there are more than ten.

“This man is about to have peritonitis because there are no doctors, there are no nurses. We need beds and medicines. There are none, there is only one doctor for all these people and one nurse,” the woman complains.

In the video, he also calls on López Obrador, the governor of Yucatán Mauricio Vila Dosal, and the mayor of Mérida Renán Barrera Concha, to respond to the requests of the health sector, given the evident hospital saturation. The video went viral through Facebook and X, formerly Twitter, where it has already reached millions of views through various accounts.

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