Tulum and Valladolid businessmen sign agreement to create interstate “Magic Towns Circuit”

The Tulum Tourism Promotion Council participated in a collaboration agreement with the private initiative of Valladolid, Yucatan, to create a circuit of Magical Towns in order to capitalize on domestic tourism.

Mario Cruz Rodríguez, president of Tulum’s Tourism Promotion Council, explained that this is a tourism strategy and alliance between these two tourism poles. To this end, on Wednesday, October 18, he met with the Association of Hotels and Motels of Valladolid with the objective of exchanging strategies to promote the destinations and thus strengthen the local economy.

He explained that the idea they have been working on for the past year has the objective of providing tourism with the option of visiting both destinations with a cultural and nature tourism vocation. They will also invite and intertwine with another Magical Town: San Miguel de Allende, in Guanajuato, which is a World Heritage Site.

“We are promoting working with other destinations as Magical Towns, such as Valladolid and San Miguel de Allende; we are making a strategic alliance to be able to work together, share our tourism strategies and raise awareness of the destinations that have the Magical Towns designation, to create synergy and also to capitalize on national tourism, which the country needs so much,” he said.

Cruz Rodríguez pointed out that this December 1st the Tulum International Airport will start operations and this will allow connectivity with other destinations such as San Miguel de Allende.

This air terminal, he said, will end up being closer to Valladolid (approximately one hour away) than the air terminals of Merida and Cancun -both two hours away-, hence the importance of this agreement.

Present at the event were Daniel Aragon García, general director of LM Magazine; Noé Rodríguez, president of the Valladolid Hotel and Motel Association; Manuel Navarrete, president of the Valladolid Pueblo Mágico committee, and Rodrigo Sámano, tourism promoter of San Miguel de Allende.

TYT Newsroom