Home Feature This is Mexican journalist Carlos Loret de Mola’s baseball analogy of the AMLO administration (Opinion)

This is Mexican journalist Carlos Loret de Mola’s baseball analogy of the AMLO administration (Opinion)

by Yucatan Times
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From the bunting to the no-hit game

There is something in which the opposition should copy the President: how to be a good opponent. During all this time Andrés Manuel was fighting against ex-presidents Fox, Calderón, and Peña Nieto, he hardly let them get by. To put it in baseball language, he hit the ball every time. Singles, doubles, triples, and several home runs. The presidents pitched and AMLO made contact. Two scandals were enough to bring the past administration to its knees: Ayotzinapa and Peña Nieto’s White House.

Now López Obrador is the pitcher. He is the one who provides scandals so that the opposition can take the bat and show off. But there is nobody good at bat. They are not hitting any of AMLO’s fastballs.

The business of the Texcoco airport cancellation was kept by AMLO’s son Andy Lopez Beltrán and some of his close friends. There were 800 thousand deaths in the pandemic and the analysis said that 200 thousand of those deaths were the result of bad government policies. In Segalmex, 15 billion pesos were stolen, money to feed the poorest. The country ran out of medicines. It is the six-year term with the most murders in Mexico’s history. The National Migration Institute left 40 migrants to die in the Ciudad Juarez fire, and nobody has been held responsible. Pío and Martinazo López Obrador (AMLO’s brothers), were videotaped receiving yellow envelopes with cash. The other son of AMLO, José Ramón López Beltrán, is living in Houston, in the luxurious house of a Pemex contractor. Bartlett’s 23 houses. The luxury trips that were charged to the treasury of the Secretary of Defense. Ana Gabriela Guevara’s 27 family flights while denying support to athletes. The Instituto para Devolverle al Pueblo lo Robado (Institute to Return What was Stolen to the People) robbed the people of what was returned. The AIFA was more expensive than the canceled airport in Texcoco. The refinery has already cost three times as much. The Maya Train more than doubled. The Seguro Popular disappeared and left 30 million Mexicans without health services. Insabi failed, Gas Bienestar failed. Huachicol continues in splendor and now they are even stealing gas. The millionaire fraud of the Banco del Bienestar ATMs: not even 10% of the ATMs were installed and the person responsible is still unpunished as a gubernatorial candidate. The raffle of the airplane which was not raffled, and then was bargained away. The second in command at the SAT and sister of the Secretary of the Interior, with her clan from the southeast with millionaire contracts from her husband’s government in the poor state of Chiapas. Cousin Felipa Obrador’s contracts with Pemex. The cash carousel where the President’s private secretary lined up several times in bank branches to make deposits and not report them to the Treasury. The privileged treatment with Redemsivir was given to the President when he got infected with COVID-19, while the rest of the Mexicans were restricted. Line 12 of the Metro where Morena disqualified the investigation they themselves had contracted. The decoration of Cienfuegos. The new historical truth of Ayotzinapa is the same as the old one. The endorsement of the terrorist group Hamas.

López Obrador would have worked miracles. But today’s opposition apparently is not in a hurry. It attacks and releases. And that’s not the way they are going to win the game.

by Carlos Loret de Mola for El Universal

TYT Newsroom

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