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The State government is committed with Quality Education in Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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State Government delivered new schools featuring remodeled classrooms and bathrooms for Maya communities in 33 municipalities, as part of the follow-up on the “Impulso Escolar” program.

Yucatán is growing from the bottom up with support that is improving the quality of life for those who need it most. Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal began the delivery of 64 initial indigenous education classrooms with bathrooms in Maya communities in 33 municipalities in the interior of the state. This effort is aimed at reducing inequality by prioritizing those with the least resources.

During a working tour of Tecoh municipality, the Governor also supervised the operation of the Yucatán High School program in the community of Lepán. This program has opened 28 new preparatory schools in communities across 20 municipalities in the interior of the state, allowing young people to continue their studies near their homes, saving them time and money.

As part of his activities in Tecoh, Vila Dosal continued to distribute support through the Impulso Escolar schemes, housing certificates, and a kit for the local cultural space. Alongside the host mayor, Joel Achach Díaz, he also inaugurated the new initial indigenous preschools “Mayapán” in Mahzucil and “María Curie” in Telchaquillo. These schools are part of the 64 classrooms built by the State Government, with an investment of 35 million pesos, to provide early education in indigenous communities.

Previously, early indigenous education for children aged 0 to 3 was offered in shared spaces or on a lease basis managed by the communities themselves. With the construction of these classrooms, the government is addressing a significant need and expanding educational opportunities for more than 2,000 children. This ensures their access to quality education close to their communities.

The construction work included building the classroom and a bathroom, as well as plumbing and sanitary installations, bathroom furniture and accessories, doors and windows, carpentry, painting and cleaning, ironwork, walkways, and external work, as well as furniture and equipment for the space.

These actions reflect the Governor’s commitment to closing the inequality gap, an effort that is yielding results. According to a report from Coneval, Yucatán has experienced a historic reduction in poverty, lifting over 236,000 Yucatecans out of poverty.

Accompanied by the Secretary of Education (Segey), Liborio Vidal Aguilar, the Governor stated, “We want Yucatán to grow from the bottom up. That means providing necessary services to those who need them most, and all these supports we are delivering have one thing in common: they save families money. This is what we mean by growing from the bottom up.”

He reassured the residents of Tecoh, “Until the last day of this government, we will continue to make the changes that Yucatán needs so that we can together transform this state for the better.”

Regarding the state program Bachillerato Yucatán, Vidal Aguilar indicated that the educational offering is increasing in the state with the opening of 3,360 new spaces, as each campus has a capacity for 120 students.

“We recognize the Governor’s social vision to enable young people to complete their education and instill enthusiasm and motivation in them to pursue a professional career, so that the investments attracted to the state can be utilized, and they can have well-paying jobs in the future,” said the state official.

The 28 communities served by the program are: Tesoco, Popolá, and Dzitnup in the municipality of Valladolid; Sahcabá in Hocabá; San José in Tixcacalcupul; Kiní and Ucí in Motul; Chenché de Las Torres in Temax; Yaxcopil in Peto; Tipikal in Maní; Dzalbay in Temozón; Chicán in Tixméhuac; Lepán in Tecoh; Canicab in Acanceh; Paraíso in Maxcanú; Ticimul in Umán; Citilcum and Xanabá in Izamal; Chelem in Progreso.

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