Stray dogs have become a constant threat to turtle nests on the Yucatan coast

Stray dogs have become a constant threat to turtle nesting on the Yucatan coast, prompting animal protection and care organizations to urge reporting the presence of packs of dogs that attack the turtles and devour the newly hatched baby turtles along the Yucatecan beaches.

The unfortunate presence of stray dogs on the shores of the state, in addition to the usual problems they pose for public health due to the spread of fleas, ticks, and other factors, as well as safety concerns due to attacks on pedestrians and drivers, now includes attacks on sea turtles, as their arrivals are not very common.

Attacks have been documented in Telchac Puerto and Uaymitún, where dogs drive away or scare away the turtles when they attempt to lay their eggs.

In response to this situation, according to the Environmental Police, during the 2023 season, officers on each shift are vigilant about any reports of turtle nesting sites along the entire Progreso coast, from Uaymitún to Chuburná, responding to all reports in a timely manner to safeguard the turtles’ well-being.

Ninety-four reports of nesting sightings have been received so far this nesting season, with eighty-five of them resulting in the location and protection of the eggs.

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