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Solar Eclipse 2023: 7 cities in Yucatan where you will be able to admire the phenomenon at 100%

by Yucatan Times
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Yucatan is preparing for what it described as “an event without equal”, which will match the landscapes of the entity, it is the solar eclipse that will happen next Saturday, October 14, 2023, an astronomical phenomenon that has not been seen in the state for 400 years, as reported by the Ministry of Tourism, on a special page for this event that will be enjoyed mainly in seven cities.

So that both residents and visitors to the state can enjoy the natural spectacle, the Annular Solar Eclipse Festival has been organized, there will be various activities to celebrate the long-awaited astronomical event, for which the Government of Yucatan is offering packages that include lodging to make the experience memorable.

In which cities of Yucatan will the solar eclipse be visible?

The website developed for this event will be visible in its entirety (100%) in seven cities, which are:

  • Sisal
  • Celestún
  • Maxcanú
  • Halochó
  • Muna
  • Santa Elena
  • Tekax

While in the capital, Merida, the visibility of the solar eclipse will be 50%, in other important cities, Izamal and Valladolid, the visibility will be less than half the percentage.

What is an annular solar eclipse?

An annular solar eclipse is generated when the Moon is aligned between the Sun and the Earth, but the natural satellite is near the point of its orbit where there is the greatest distance with respect to our planet so it appears smaller and does not completely block the solar disk, so it will look like a dark disk on top of a larger bright disk. This makes an optical illusion that appears to be a ring around the Moon, which is known as a “ring of fire”.

The natural spectacle will be visible for about three hours, starting at 09:45 hours when the transit of the Moon between the Earth and the Sun begins, until its peak at about 11:20 hours. This schedule will vary depending on the country’s location.

What is the Annular Solar Eclipse Festival?

There will be observation areas equipped with telescopes with solar filters, as well as special lenses to see the eclipse and for safe observation. There will also be workshops and lectures where specialists will explain how the Sun-Earth-Moon system works. “The festival goes beyond astronomy and science; it is a tribute to the deep cultural tradition of Yucatán”, says the site, as it is worth remembering that the Maya were renowned for being great astronomers.

Of course, the culture of Yucatán will be present, the talent of the traditional cooks and the exquisiteness of the regional handicrafts. “This is not just a festival, it is an invitation to celebrate, learn, and marvel. So, come and make history with us in Yucatán! The dance of the Sun and the Moon awaits you in an event that will be etched in your memory forever.”

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