Road accident in Playa del Carmen leaves 7 dead

In the early hours of Saturday, a fatal traffic accident occurred on the Playa del Carmen-Tulum highway, leaving a devastating toll of 7 dead and 12 injured.

The accident took place around 6:30 in the morning in Punta Venado, involving a tourist bus from “Del Valle,” an Urvan from “Playa Express,” and a water tanker.

Authorities reported that the Urvan, which was transporting workers from the tourism sector and national tourists, suffered irreparable damage in the impact.

The injured were quickly attended to by ambulances and firefighting units, being transported to nearby hospitals for urgent care; however, the identities of the victims have not yet been revealed.

Although some witnesses suggested that excess speed, possibly by the water tanker, could have caused the accident, authorities have not confirmed the exact cause or the direct responsible party for the collision.

This incident underscores the historical dangers of Federal Highway 307, where reckless driving and lack of caution by drivers have led to numerous tragic events in the past.

Amidst the chaos, traffic and security authorities have urged the public to yield the right of way to emergency units, stay away from the accident scene, and stay informed through the official social media channels of the Quintana Roo state government.

TYT Newsroom

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