Currently there are positive and negative points to consider about electric cars, especially because of the geographical area in which we live, the climate and some components of these machines, said Orlando Palma Marrufo, professor of Mechatronics Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the Autonomous University of Yucatan (“UADY”).

The professor explained that this type of vehicle in principle has all its power and traction systems with electric elements, as well as its engine, but it does not have any internal combustion part, that is, it does not use gasoline; on the contrary, it has one or several engines and a charging system or batteries that allow it to energize these and propel the unit.

He also explained that one of the most important benefits of these cars is that they reduce the levels of greenhouse gases, both in the car and in the mechanisms involved in their production, in addition to reducing the emission of carbon dioxide (CO2).

The professional pointed out that, as part of the benefits, these vehicles are totally silent and have a much simpler internal system than a conventional car.

What should you know before buying an electric car?

On the contrary, Palma Marrufo mentioned that before acquiring these units several considerations should be taken into account: the first one is their cost, because the most economical one exceeds one million pesos; secondly, although these cars reduce CO2 emissions, the batteries they use are large and have a high polluting level when they are no longer functional.

He also warned that as more people acquire these vehicles, the demand for electric energy will be greater and the state of Yucatan is not yet prepared to face such a situation.

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