More “Made in Yucatan” products on e-commerce platforms

The sale of Yucatecan products is growing on international e-commerce platforms.

Teresa Espinosa Atoche, Director of Commerce of the Ministry of Economic Development and Labor ( SEFOET), reported that companies and producers, mainly of food and beverages, are offering their products to the national and international markets.
She explained that the strongest and most demanded sectors are food, beverages and textiles, in which a significant rebound is registered.

Online trade platforms are catapulting them

The official pointed out that Yucatecan products are being promoted even more in the United States.

We are also promoting the supply of large companies in other areas, in addition to promoting that all sectors can have a greater presence in this type of platforms.

It was reported that a good part of the sales of the products go to regions such as New York, in the United States.

Likewise, in other areas, Central American markets are the most demanding.

TYT Newsroom

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