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Montserrat Lopez went on a venture to pursue her passion for Coffee

by Sofia Navarro
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Mexican entrepreneur Montserrat López followed her love for the countryside and coffee to create Xüuch, a coffee concept with a Mexican twist. “For me, the ‘x’ has always represented Mexico. I researched in Zapotec, Maya, and Nahuatl dictionaries for words with ‘x’ related to coffee. Xúuch is written with an accent, but I use a diaeresis, which means ‘sip,’ which is closely related to beverages,” she explained.

She emphasizes that people are amazed when they learn about the roasting process in the videos she posts on her social media. She mentions that Xüuch handles both coffee roasting and packaging, sourcing coffee from the states of Hidalgo, Puebla, and Chiapas.

Montserrat highlights that Xüuch produces its own coffee. She is originally from Veracruz, specifically from Zacualpan, an area near coffee production in the state. “I went to learn about the coffee process, from the flower to how the fruit grows. I contacted those who cultivate coffee to buy raw coffee beans from them.”

The core idea is the coffee shop, but the project started by bringing coffee to Hidalgo, along with some spreads. “The coffee shop part is in its infancy; we have sales points that have helped us with packaging and offering drinks made from our beans to go so that people can get to know us.”

She emphasizes that coffee, corn, cocoa, amaranth, and clay are fundamental pillars of her concept, aiming to create a pre-Hispanic flavor for Xüuch. “We don’t have anything in mind that’s based on foreign products; beverages that don’t belong to Mexico are not part of our menu, which we hope will expand in December with the opening of our coffee shop.”

Montserrat mentions that one of her goals before the end of 2023 is to have her coffee shop where she will serve coffee, corn, cocoa, amaranth, and cinnamon-based drinks with the special touch that is the hallmark of her brand.

At sales points, in addition to trying the drinks, customers can buy from a quarter to as many kilos as they need. They also distribute their coffee to restaurants in Pachuca, Tulancingo, and even other states in the country.

She emphasizes the importance of grinding, a process that depends on the type of bean selected. In Xüuch, this service is included and has no extra cost, which is an advantage for those who enjoy good coffee and for casual consumers looking to switch from instant coffee.

Coffee is a passion for Karen. Her profession as a nutritionist brought her into this world, and she takes care of every detail to ensure her blends are natural. Even for those who don’t like coffee, she offers drinks based on corn and cocoa that are completely organic.

She left her profession at IMSS to start this project, which is just months away from its first anniversary, but she emphasizes that her love for what she does and for those who work with her keeps her going.

She appreciates the constructive feedback from her customers. “We’ve received constructive feedback, initially regarding the sweetness of the spreads, which led to adjustments. When I started selling only Veracruz coffee, some people said it felt too light, which allowed me to adjust the roasting. I haven’t faced any conflicts due to product quality.”

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