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Mexican Senate analyzes reform on dolphins and other animals

by Yucatan Times
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The Senate of the Republic will analyze this week the reforms to the General Wildlife Law, approved by the Chamber of Deputies, which establish the prohibition of shows with marine mammal animals -such as dolphins-, as well as artificial reproduction, among others.

However, if such changes to the law are approved, the current dolphinariums will not be affected, since the use of these animals in such shows is guaranteed for the rest of their lives, assured Senator Marybel Villegas Canché.

“A minute from the Chamber of Deputies establishes that the use of mammal specimens in fixed and itinerant shows is prohibited, but in the transitory provisions it is established that the owners of the dolphinariums can continue operating as long as they have dolphins (…) It is not the spirit to close the dolphinariums, let it be clear”, she said.

In a press conference held in Cancun, he explained that this provision was established in order to avoid repeating what happened with the prohibition of animals in circuses, which in the end died because there were no authorities in charge of taking care of them and they were not fit to be released in their habitat.

“This issue has been very controversial, there are voices for and against, and what we have done is to listen to all voices, to find a middle ground, because finally in the tourism issue for Quintana Roo it is an activity that occurs in an important way, which represents 5 thousand direct jobs and 15 thousand indirect jobs. It is an attraction for tourists, and what we want is to regulate with these guidelines that are being approved, there is an authorization for a new NOM (Mexican Official Norm)”, she added.

The federal legislator detailed that, in the minute sent by the federal deputies, it is established that the dolphinariums themselves will have to present their current management plans to the authorities, so there will be a supervision through a new Mexican Official Norm.

Likewise, he added that the prohibition of some activities to which these animals are subjected, considered as forced labor, such as people being able to hang from their fins or push people with their trunks, because it generates stress for them, is being analyzed.

It is expected that in the next few days, he said, the Environmental Commission of the Senate will meet to discuss the bill approved by the Chamber of Deputies, with the objective of passing to the plenary of the Upper Chamber the modifications in the legislation by mid November.

However, Villegas Canché commented that there could be changes in the agenda, due to the fact that there are some critical issues pending, such as the discussion of the elimination of 13 of 14 trusts of the Judicial Power of the Federation (PJF).

In this regard, the senator said that she expects to cast a reasoned vote, because although she is against the “excesses” that exist on the part of the PJF leadership, she indicated that those trusts that benefit the workers must be safeguarded.

“There are several points on which we will make a reasoned vote and we will make reservations, because although I agree with the elimination of the excesses of the ministers of the Supreme Court, the elimination of the millionaire pensions and others, but on the issue of the workers of the Federal Judicial Power, I will be reviewing and making a reasoned vote on what will be approved in the plenary,” he said, adding that the senators will listen to the arguments of Norma Piña, Minister President of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation on the issue.

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