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Merida chapel goes up in flames, thieves accused of setting it on fire

by Yucatan Times

A chapel in Mérida, located in the south of the city, was set on fire by alleged criminals.

The incident occurred on 64th and 163rd Street in the Nueva San José Tecoh neighborhood, when several thieves entered with the intention of stealing, but were unable to get anything of value, so they ended up setting fire to the place.

Members of the community who noticed the flames requested the support of the emergency services, and at the same time they set about suffocating the flames with whatever they could.

Neighbors of the community arrived at the place, suffocated by the flames, as well as the presence of agents of the State Investigation Police (PEI), who were in charge of the corresponding investigations to find the whereabouts of the alleged criminals.

Losses in fire at chapel in Mérida

Mérida chapel goes up in flames, thieves accused of setting fire to it.

PEI agents were in charge of investigating the incident.

It was reported that several objects of value to the Catholic community were burned, such as five images of saints, books, the bible, and all the instruments used to celebrate mass.

Regarding this vandalism, the Chilean parish priest in charge of the place, Ricardo Galleguillos, regretted the incident and informed the authorities, as well as asked for the support of the population to rebuild the chapel and adapt it as it was and continue with the Eucharistic celebrations as they used to be carried out. Up to the closing of this note, authorities were investigating the fire at the chapel, but no one had been arrested for the attack.

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