Lagartos Bar shut down in Merida due to clandestine operation

Six men and two women were left in the hands of the SSP when they were discovered inside a bar which was operating clandestinely on Juan Pablo II Avenue between 116 and 116-A streets in the Xoclán neighborhood, in the west of Mérida.

The place has a permit to operate until two o’clock in the morning, but it was discovered that it was still operating at around eight o’clock this morning.

It all began when, at around 7:30 am, the SSP received a call from a client who reported that he and his companion were being held at the “Lagartos” bar because although they had paid their bill, apparently electronically, the payment had not been reflected in the establishment’s accounts.

A van arrived at the place and upon seeing that everything was closed, the agents left, but later another call was received from the same complainant who insisted that they were still being held there, so the uniformed officers returned to the place.

Then they observed two subjects leaving the place through a “secret” side door, and when they approached to interview them they were assaulted by the drunken subjects, so they were arrested.

They were operating clandestinely
More police units arrived and the support of the Ministry of Health was requested. An official of the Health Department arrived and asked the bar manager for the bar’s documentation, observing that he had a permit until 2:30 am, for which he was also arrested.

The agents entered the bar and also arrested two “waitresses” who were drunk, two waiters in the same inappropriate state, and even the cleaner, who was also drunk.

All were taken to jail for the corresponding proceedings, and the bar was closed for operating after hours and in a clandestine manner.

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