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IMSS specialists successfully treat man with breast cancer

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At 70 years of age, Mr. Rafael Cordero was diagnosed with breast cancer and a 12 centimeter tumor in his right breast; due to the timely intervention of personnel from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) he is receiving chemotherapy and halfway through his treatment he will be evaluated for surgery to remove the tumor.

He related that in April of this year, as part of the revision for the surgery on his left eye, the technician who performed an electrocardiogram detected an anomaly in his chest; “he asked me for authorization to listen to my chest and at this moment he told me: I can tell you that you have a problem in your right breast”.

Mr. Rafael told her that, about a year ago, he began to notice changes, a bulge in his chest, but since he had been doing exercise and physical activity since he was young, he did not give importance to this situation, since it did not cause him any discomfort or symptoms.

“After my eye surgery, I immediately contacted my family doctor to ask for a diagnosis; that is how I arrived here at the Breast Clinic, where I underwent a mastography, ultrasound and biopsy,” she explained.

Upon his arrival at the “Condesa” Breast Clinic of the IMSS, located in the south of Mexico City, the patient was integrated into the protocol called “single event”, that is to say that on the same day a medical appointment, evaluation and mastography, ultrasound and biopsy studies are given, according to the needs of each patient.

Subsequently, Mr. Rafael was referred to the Gyneco Obstetrics Hospital No. 4 “Dr. Luis Castelazo Ayala”; confirmatory and extension studies were performed and the oncologist specialists decided to start treatment with eight chemotherapies in order to reduce the tumor to six centimeters or less and to reduce the risk of surgery.

Don Rafael emphasized that the support of his family has been key at this time, since his 40 year-old daughter also suffers from breast cancer; she has already undergone surgery and continues to undergo chemotherapy treatment. Together they are facing the disease with the hope of getting through it.

On the occasion of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she urged young and adult men to perform daily self-examination and to go to their Family Medicine Unit if they detect any alteration or abnormality in their breasts.

He thanked the professionalism, sensitivity and training of the Social Security health personnel in the treatment he and his daughter receive.

“Men and women are exposed, we have to follow the same steps for the detection of cancer, just like them, who took away the pain of going to the doctor and undergoing all the studies. Now that it has been my turn to live it and be on the other side of the table,” he concluded.

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