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How to protect your pets during the Solar Eclipse

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Protect Your Pets During the Solar Eclipse with These Recommendations

The annular solar eclipse that will be visible in Quintana Roo and Yucatan on October 14 is a natural spectacle that can be observed from home, the office, or the official observation sites set up at planetariums. However, it’s important to protect your pets, as they, like humans, could suffer eye damage if directly exposed to the eclipse. Moreover, they may experience stress in crowded areas.

According to veterinarian Adriana Paz Paredes Casas, it is unlikely that animals would instinctively look at the sun. Nevertheless, parents should supervise children to ensure they do not force animals to look directly at the sun during the event, even if they are wearing special eclipse glasses. Animals’ eyes are not equipped to withstand the retinal damage that can occur.

The specialist recommends keeping pets away from the eclipse viewing environment for their safety. Additionally, pets may not understand the significance of the eclipse, which could lead to stress in some breeds when exposed to large crowds.

To alleviate anxiety in dogs and cats, there are calming aids available in various forms, including pills or natural ingredient-based powders. There are also pheromones that can help pets relax.

These calming tools are used for dogs and cats that experience anxiety during natural events like hurricanes, moving to a new home, travel through airports, and other stressful situations. They are an option for animals that may require assistance during the solar eclipse season.

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