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Hoteliers expect everything to return to normal in Acapulco until 2025

by Yucatan Times
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Due to the magnitude of the damage caused by Hurricane OtisAcapulco hoteliers estimate the normalization of the entire sector until 2025.

In a radio interview, Alejandro Domínguez Aveleyra, president of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Acapulco, said that, in addition to the damage to the port and the city, there are hotels in total loss.

He pointed out that there was chaos due to the lack of water, and food and looting in stores and supermarkets, but they were almost done evacuating the tourists they were hosting.

We have managed to remove and return our guests who were there the last few days, especially from the Mining Congress, and almost 90% of those people have returned.”

Mexican Congress

He stated that, given the damage, it would take the union at least 12 to 18 months to have the hotels operable again.

In addition to missing the upcoming December season, one of the most important, he said a significant number of hotels do not have insurance.

He trusted that Acapulco would be raised. “In the medium and long term we will have a remodeled Acapulco, with the help of businessmen; I hope it is also with the help of the government,” he said.

He maintained that they will demand official support because they are a sector that pays taxes and, in addition, they have the resources.

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