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Flamingo rescued injured on the highway, at the entrance to Progreso

by Yucatan Times
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This Friday afternoon, the ecological police of the port of Progreso rescued a flamingo who was wandering on the public road, whose condition was considered serious.

The injured flamingo was reported by a motorist, after spotting it wandering disoriented on the highway at the entrance of Progreso, with a noticeable wound near the abdomen area from which blood was constantly coming out.

A team of ecological police soon arrived to transfer the bird to the police base located in the “Vicente Guerrero” neighborhood, where they proceeded to attend to the flamingo by means of a veterinary examination and study of its situation.

It was found that the flamingo had an injury and it was determined that it will remain under the care of the agents of this municipal agency for its recovery, where it will be essential to follow up with a log that reflects the progress made.

The rehabilitation would take approximately one week and the release would take place at “ground zero” located on the road towards the Chicxulub police station. This site has been used for at least five years to take rehabilitated animals or those captured in the street to return them to their natural habitat.

In a recent interview with Diego Herbert Novelo Borges, a specialist in biology and veterinarian from Progreso, it was explained that spring is when there is a gradual entry of various birds, as this is a migratory phenomenon that originates from Florida to the Yucatecan peninsula, as well as sister states such as Quintana Roo.

In this way, birds such as hawks, flamingos, herons, eagles, and even some reserves of wild ducks use the area as part of their journey to protect themselves from the cold of Canada and the United States in winter.

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