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First commercial flight takes off from Acapulco to CDMX after Otis

by Yucatan Times

During President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s morning conference, the head of the Secretary of the Navy informed that the first Aeromexico flight to Mexico City with tourists stranded in Acapulco by Hurricane Otis had already departed.

A second flight from Volaris took off at 8:00 AM today Friday, October 27.

Another Viva Aerobús plane left at 8:40 AM for the CDMX. 

The official added that tomorrow we will see how the behavior of flights and passengers is going and with the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation we could increase the number of flights to the CDMX or to the port of Acapulco.

National Defense

Meanwhile, the Secretary of National Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval, gave a report on the International Airport of Acapulco where since yesterday an air bridge was established, after reviewing the security conditions, it was determined that daytime flights could be made to the city of Acapulco.

He added that controlled commercial airlines would arrive at this airport from Mexico City to evacuate tourists and reestablish connectivity.

“In the flights that arrive, IMSS medical specialists will arrive to add to the support that is being provided”.

The other air bridge is the Military Air Base 7 in Pie de la Cuesta, the base is being used to concentrate all the food supplies, water, aid for the population and in the vacuum trips will evacuate people who require it,” he added.

Food supplies distributed

Up to today, 7 thousand food supplies have been distributed in different neighborhoods, as well as 7 thousand liters of water. Today, 40 tons of supplies will be transported from Mexico City to Pie de la Cuesta with Mexican Air Force aircrafts.


Yesterday support was provided with 150 buses to take tourists and locals out of the damaged area, two points were established outside the city of Acapulco to avoid filling or saturating the avenues, this was at the Costa Azul and Caseta La Venta. This Friday there will be another 150 buses to carry out the same activity of evacuation of the population.

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