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European Union recommends Mexico to utilize Migrant Labor Force

by Sofia Navarro
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The EU ambassador to Mexico believes that potential migrant labor “does not compete with Mexican workers” given the high demand.

Amid an unprecedented flow of migration to the United States, Mexico should make use of the workforce of those passing through the country to meet the growing demand for labor in industries, the European Union (EU) Ambassador to Mexico, Gautier Mignot, told the local press.

The French diplomat pointed out in an interview that the demand for labor is increasing over time, not only in Mexico but worldwide.

“What we see today is that many companies cannot find the labor they need. Visiting European companies in the country, many tell us: ‘We cannot find all the labor we need,’ especially in the northern part of the country,” he said.

For this reason, he believes it will be necessary to train more young people in the country and help workers adapt to new technological and innovation trends.

Migrant Labor

Mignot emphasized that in this process, it will be essential not to leave anyone behind “in order to have a skilled workforce that meets the needs of the industry.”

On this point, he highlighted the potential of utilizing migrant labor. “All the people who come here in search of a better future and who can also meet those needs,” he said.

The European ambassador recalled that in just the last six years, the country has integrated more than 25,000 refugees into over 400 companies, which could be replicated in a model applied to people in transit.

“It’s a win-win situation. Mexico obviously wins as a country, and that’s what we want to develop. We are expanding this program in partnership with authorities and the private sector, now for other types of mobile individuals, not just refugees,” he revealed.

He also assured that potential migrant labor “does not compete with Mexican workers” given the high demand for skilled labor.

El Embajador Gautier Mignot presenta sus cartas credenciales al Presidente López Obrador | EEAS

“That’s what it’s all about, inventing the jobs of tomorrow. Robots will replace jobs that exist today, but other types of jobs will be required with more brainpower, more technicians, more engineers, and more personal services, for example,” he stated.

Industrialists Also See an Opportunity

The president of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers (Concamin), José Abugaber, stated that strengthening the rule of law in Mexico will allow more workers, including national and foreign migrants, to be included.

“If we strengthen the rule of law and create the right conditions to create jobs, we can add those in the informal sector, as well as national and even foreign migrants, to the Mexican labor force,” he commented at the Industrial Transformation Mexico (ITM) fair, with which EFE has a content dissemination agreement.

Mexico’s Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, Marath Bolaños, mentioned an initiative in progress to create temporary jobs for migrants.

Bolaños mentioned that there is already a mechanism in the Mexican government where companies interested in receiving labor force sign up, and in collaboration with immigration authorities, they seek to expedite the process of incorporating migrants into industries in Mexico.

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