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Dutch analyst Rob Riemen calls AMLO “an extremely mediocre false messiah”

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Dutch philosopher warns: Lopez Obrador fits perfectly into the figure of the “classic contemporary fascist”.

In the midst of political tensions and global challenges, Dutch philosopher Rob Riemen casts a critical eye on the figure of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Riemen, author of “The Art of Being Human. Four Studies,” emphasizes his critical assessment of politics in Mexico and the challenges facing the country.

Incisive Criticism of López Obrador

Offering a glimpse of his vision of Mexico during an exclusive interview with EL UNIVERSAL, Rob Riemen does not shy away from controversy when discussing Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He calls him a “demagogue,” a “false messiah,” a self-proclaimed “savior of the people” and, in a term that does not go unnoticed, describes him as a “contemporary fascist.” At a time when political opinions are expressed with caution, Riemen lays bare the Mexican president with a direct critical assessment.

Rob Riemen shows his disenchantment with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and his approach to education and politics. He deems him as “extremely mediocre” and accuses him of following a fascist path by labeling opponents as “enemies of the people.” Riemen’s direct criticism of Mexico’s president does not go unnoticed.

The Art of Being Human: Four Studies

“The Art of Being Human: Four Studies” is Riemen’s latest book, a work born out of a letter with profound questions sent by a group of philosophy students at UNAM in 2020. Riemen, founder and president of the Nexus Institute, an independent forum dedicated to philosophical and cultural debate, not only answers these students’ questions, but their reflection prompts him to write a letter in which he delves into crucial issues in Mexican society.

Drifting from humanist values

Riemen argues that contemporary societies are drifting away from humanistic values, such as art and culture, to embrace more mathematics, science, and technology. This shift, he argues, is leading to worrying consequences, such as the creation of “robots” that are unmoved by human conflicts, such as the recent war between Israel and Hamas.

The relevance of the war between Israel and Hamas

The Dutch philosopher notes that the horrors of recent conflicts, such as the war between Israel and Hamas, highlight the relevance of his book. Riemen emphasizes that even in war there are rules that must be respected. The killing of innocent civilians, including children, as has happened in some recent conflicts, represents the loss of humanity. Riemen argues that forgetting these historical lessons is contributing to the increasing brutality in the world.

Where to look for humanity in a science- and technology-oriented society?

The philosopher laments the tendency of contemporary societies to favor science, technology, and mathematics over the humanities. Riemen argues that this threatens the essence of what it means to be human. He suggests that spiritual formation and humanities education are essential to maintain our humanity in an age dominated by rationality and technology.

A Call to Reclaim Humanity

Despite the bleak picture he paints, Riemen calls on humanity to remember its core values. He urges societies to rediscover the importance of culture, art, and humanism, and not to allow science and technology to stifle the very essence of what it means to be human. Riemen warns that moving away from these values could turn humanity into robots, insensitive to wars and tragedies.

Rob Riemen’s critical assessment of López Obrador and his vision of humanity in a world dominated by technology offers an intriguing perspective. Beyond the borders of Mexico, Riemen reminds us that the art of being human is a constant quest, a struggle to maintain the essence of what it means to be human in a world increasingly oriented toward science and technology.  

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