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Dock benefits Chicxulub businesses

by Yucatan Times
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Using a dock as the last boarding point for fishing vessels benefits businesses in Chicxulub Puerto, unfortunately this activity serves to board crew members without papers, or products such as beer and other substances.

For several years now, the Chicxulub Puerto dock has been used for the fishing sector in addition to being a tourist attraction in the area, converting the site into a food loading area and last boarding point for fishermen. This situation benefits the commercial sector in the town by allowing them to obtain a little resource.

With the construction of the fishing pier a few years ago, the community obtained a structure that residents had demanded for years after the fall of its iconic wooden pier. However, the new construction went from being a docking area for fishing to a purely tourist site. Therefore, the current use allows the port to remember a little of the economic benefits from past times.

Chicxulub Puerto has become the last stop for fishing boats leaving Yucalpeten since these vessels have one last opportunity to stock up on supplies in case of a shortage, and it allows fishermen who did not make it to the original departure to join the crew as a last chance to put to sea.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of surveillance by the port authorities, it represents a space to load intoxicating beverages and other prohibited substances onto the ship, as well as fishermen without documentation or valid permits.

The use of the dock has benefited local commerce since, according to business owners in the center of Chicxulub Puerto, the police station is not known for obtaining resources from the supply of fishing boats, since said spill usually remains in Progreso.

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