Dead man was found in a Mérida parking lot

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A gruesome discovery alerted authorities this Sunday, October 1st, when the lifeless body of a man was found lying in the parking lot of a grocery store in the south of Mérida.

The incident mobilized police officers to the said parking lot, located on 86th Avenue at the intersection of 171st Street and 171-A in the Emiliano Zapata Sur neighborhood.

At that location, a person was found dead around 7 a.m. when store personnel arrived for their workday and saw the man lying in the parking area.

When they approached him to ask him to leave the site, they noticed that he wasn’t moving, so, frightened, they called 9-1-1.

The police arrived along with paramedics, who certified that the individual no longer had vital signs.

The officers cordoned off the area for the necessary procedures, including the removal of the body and determining the cause of death.

According to neighbors, the deceased was a habitual drinker and may have died due to his condition.

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