Competition in e-commerce grows in Mexico, setting new trends

As the market grows, so does the competition, according to Max Zagrebin, CEO of Sellesta, an Artificial Intelligence company specializing in e-commerce. He points out that given the intense competition faced by online brands in Mexico, practical day-to-day knowledge is essential for online marketing specialists.

Research conducted by Sellesta indicates that another challenge faced by online marketing specialists in the region is that 57% of Mexican respondents require at least one month to develop and launch an online campaign, while 16% maintain the same pricing structure throughout the year.

Max suggests that the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will dramatically transform this scenario, allowing marketing specialists across the spectrum (from small businesses to large enterprises) to access and respond to market dynamics in real time.

The report, based on surveys with 200 e-commerce professionals operating in Mexico, revealed the daily challenges of driving online sales in an increasingly competitive market environment.

According to the data, 86% of Mexican e-commerce managers face online competition from at least five other brands, while 19.9% lack access to daily market trends and competitor information to help them make decisions.

“By automating complex tasks related to pricing, competition analysis, keyword optimization, and customer research, AI enables companies to make data-driven decisions with unprecedented efficiency,” concludes Zagrebin.

According to Kelsey Voss, an eMarketer analyst, in her report on AI trends in advertising, 58% of marketing specialists are considering using this type of generative technology to retain users and personalize their experiences.

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