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Bears in Nuevo Leon steal water and lunch from construction workers (Watch Video)

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Bears seem to like construction sites.

And at least in Nuevo León, Mexico, they are regular visitors to the construction sites where they take over the food and water. Two videos circulating on social networks show how they approach and after getting the loot they move away.

The user identified as Yadith Valdez shared on her account X (formerly Twitter) a video in which a bear can be seen pouncing on the masons’ food when they try to recover it.

This happened a few days ago in the south of Monterrey in a construction site in Mederos”, said Yadith Valdez.

She said that it was contrary to the bear that showed up in the San Pedro area, “it reacted this way, by its instinct, when it was intimidated with a rod,” she commented in the tweet.

Fortunately it didn’t happen and the bear took the can of tuna, which belonged to one of the bricklayers”.

In the video, one of the bricklayers can be heard asking the bear: “What’s been going on, buddy? Are you hungry or what?”, while the bear peeks out from a distance.

The master builder asks him to move away. “Go over there! What are you doing here?

Again he insists: “What are you looking for? Have you lost something? Go over there! There’s food over there.

The bricklayer warns the bear not to come closer, otherwise he will “bite his ear off”.

And after trying to drive it away, he threw a boat at it.

Meanwhile, in San Pedro, a group of bricklayers received a visit from a bear while they were working.

The bear approached a bucket with water to drink; while one of the masons was filming it with his cell phone, he even dared to pass by to get some tortillas and offer them to his visitor.

The bear was not pleased with the gift and walked away…

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