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AMLO accuses U.S. pressure to reactivate Border Wall construction

by Yucatan Times
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After Joe Biden’s administration allowed the construction of new sections of the wall in South Texas, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador accused strong pressure from Republican extremists.

During the morning, the federal president indicated that the U.S. extreme right wing is using the immigration issue and drug consumption for electoral purposes.

López Obrador said he will discuss the issue with the U.S. delegation, headed by Antony Blinken, Secretary of State, who is in Mexico City for a high-level meeting.

“It is not about holding back with barriers, with walls, I believe we are going to address this issue as well and tomorrow I am going to talk about the issue of this proposal that was released yesterday to allow the construction of a wall on the border, which is contrary to what President Biden had maintained,” he said.

“It is not built, it is a proposal, there are strong pressures from extreme right-wing political groups in the United States, especially those who want to take advantage of the migratory phenomenon, the consumption of drugs, for electoral purposes, there is a lot of politicking when there are elections.”

“(In) the Republican party they are in an attitude of much intolerance, in those circumstances they put pressure, well, they were able to remove the president of the Chamber of Deputies (sic) of their own party.”

López Obrador affirmed that Republican extremists seek confrontation and branded them as Machiavellian.

“They felt it was conciliatory and they want confrontation, those extremists of the Republican Party do not help their country, they wanted to stop the U.S. Government, a crisis, that affects the American people and us, nothing else because of their sectarianism, their fanaticism, because of their political ambitions, they cannot even talk politics, they are thinking about how they are going to get into office,” he thundered.

“Machiavellians, what did Machiavelli say? The end justifies the means. No, politics is an ethical imperative, they are acting irresponsibly”.

The Mexican Chief Executive expressed that the construction of a wall is a step backward.

“This authorization for the construction of the wall is a step backward because it does not solve the problem. We have to address the causes.

Yesterday, Joe Biden’s administration announced that it prohibited 26 federal laws to allow the construction of new stretches of border wall in South Texas.

This would be the first time the current Administration makes use of the same power that was employed during Donald Trump’s Presidency for the construction of the barrier.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published an announcement yesterday in the Federal Register, although it did not provide details about the work to be carried out in Starr County, Texas, an area that registers a large number of illegal entries. According to official data, about 245,000 entries have been reported in the region this fiscal year.

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