Yucatecans abroad: Independence celebrations in San Diego and Canada

Photo: Food and Pleasure

Yucatán was the guest of honor in two representations of Mexico abroad, San Diego, California, and Ottawa, Canada, where the Independence Day celebrations took place, according to a press release.

At the invitation of the consul in San Diego, Carlos González Gutiérrez, and the Mexican Ambassador in Canada, Carlos Joaquín González, the State government promoted the region with photographic exhibitions, booths, photo opportunities, gastronomy, artistic presentations, and other activities.

During the Independence Day celebration at the Consulate of Mexico in San Diego, nearly 5,000 attendees learned about Yucatán’s main tourist attractions. An information booth was set up to provide details about traveling to the state with the support of Volaris and Cross Border Xpress (CBX).

2,000 cochinita tacos were offered, and activations were carried out where attendees could take photographs and participate in a raffle for two trips to the destination.

Representing Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, Michelle Fridman, the head of the Tourism Promotion Secretariat, noted that being part of these celebrations is an opportunity to showcase the riches of the Yucatecan region and promote tourism on one of the busiest and most emblematic days, the celebration of Mexican Independence, in two destinations with which there is significant connectivity.

TYT Newsroom