Yucatecan teachers are trained on the New Educational Model

In order for elementary school teachers in Yucatán to implement better teaching and learning strategies in the classroom, the Ministry of Education of the State Government (Segey) will provide training to school staff on the New Mexican School (NEM) curriculum, the content of which began to be taught a few days ago.

The General Director of Educational Development and Regional Management at Segey, Leonel Escalante Aguilar, reported that workshops on this new educational model began during the summer vacation period. However, it will be necessary to reinforce the strategies so that after the diagnostic evaluation process, which concluded a few days ago, teachers can use these new materials more effectively with their students.

He noted that the department he leads is responsible for developing all the courses and workshops provided to teachers, many of whom come from the federal government, to align with the NEM and address educational challenges through initiatives like “Zorro Rojo,” “Instituto Natura,” and “Lego,” among others.

In an interview, Escalante Aguilar acknowledged that with the most critical phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, educational challenges have increased, and in light of this situation, it is necessary to find the best ways to train schools through supervisors, administrators, and teachers.

TYT Newsroom

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