Yucatan’s first Veterinary Hospital will be ready by the end of the year

Construction works on what will be the first public veterinary hospital in Yucatán are well underway, so it could be inaugurated before the end of the year, said Raúl Escalante Aguilar, councilor of Paramunicipal Services.

The official indicated that 60 percent of progress has been made on the construction work, so it is expected that the building will be finished by December when it will be ready to begin operations.
“We have been analyzing the plans, we have already made supervision visits to the construction site, the work is going very well, it should be finished on time,” said the councilman.
He recalled that this project located to the west of the city is unique in the southeast and will provide, among other services, consultations and sterilizations at low cost, as well as temporary shelter for street dogs and cats.

“There will be permanent sterilizations, and the place will have the capacity to attend to a large number of pets on the same day, attending to pets from all over the city,” he said.
Escalante Aguilar recalled that this new center will also have a vaccination module and an operating room, as well as a space for pets that can be put up for adoption.

He said that through the web page, citizens can find out about the program.


TYT Newsroom