Yucatán received more tourists in July, the government reports

(Photo: La Verdad)

In July 2023 there were 9% more tourists staying overnight in Yucatán, and 45% international growth, according to the secretary of Tourism (Sefotur), Michelle Fridman, who added that the international market is already returning.

“In addition to this, so far from January to July we already have an 18% increase in visitors staying overnight in hotels, we have an occupancy rate of more than 8% points in hotel occupancy than last year,” she noted.

Fridman said that these good indicators occur in a complicated year because there is more competition and the markets have stabilized, and 2022 as a reference, which was already a record year in tourism, but even so those numbers have been exceeded.

“Tourism can be well managed and sustainable and will bring development to every corner of Yucatan.”

The head of Sefotur pointed out that it is important to decentralize the tourism industry and bring tourism to all places where it is needed.

TYT Newsroom