Yucatan is among the 17 states that will suffer an increase in their electricity bills

In domestic customers it will reach 3.3%. Photo: (El Economista)

Fall has begun, which means the summer rate provided by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) will come to an end. This subsidy will be in effect until October 31, and starting from November 1, 17 states will see an increase in their electricity rates, which will be reflected in their electricity bills.

From this date, users will return to paying the normal CFE rate, which is 2.618 pesos per kilowatt-hour. The reason for the end of the summer rate is that temperatures have started to decrease in most states across the country.

Starting November 1, the states that will experience an increase in their electricity bill rates are:

  1. Campeche
  2. Chiapas
  3. Baja California
  4. Guerrero
  5. Colima
  6. Coahuila
  7. Chihuahua
  8. Morelos
  9. Nuevo León
  10. Nayarit
  11. Oaxaca
  12. Sonora
  13. Sinaloa
  14. Tabasco
  15. Tamaulipas
  16. Yucatán
  17. Veracruz

The end of the CFE summer subsidy poses an economic challenge for families in these states, as an increase in electricity rates is expected at a time when inflation is also on the rise.

Households will need to adjust to this new energy reality as the subsidy ends and prepare their budgets to handle electricity costs in the warmer months of the year.

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