Xóchitl Gálvez listens to mothers of disappeared and displaced people in Zacatecas

During her visit to this city, Xóchitl Gálvez Ruiz, responsible for the construction of the Frente Amplio por México, met with mothers of the disappeared and citizens displaced from their communities by violence, who demand justice.

The senator assured that the federal and state governments cannot say that everything is fine in Zacatecas when in different municipalities of the entity people suffer violence every day.

“I ask the people of Zacatecas, is Zacatecas really fine? Really, really, and I also ask the Morena party, are you really happy that your daughters go out at night? No, it is that here, regardless of the party, we are parents, we are fathers of families,” she said in a press conference.

In his message, Gálvez Ruiz regretted that in this entity businessmen are afraid to open their businesses and families are afraid to go out in the street because of the aggressions they suffer.

“The merchants do not remember another difficult moment in the history of Zacatecas, where they are forced to close their businesses. A distributor of a beer beverage told me that they had 8 thousand clients and today they have 6 thousand”, she commented.

The legislator considered that a security strategy requires intelligence, heart, courage and strength, where the main thing is to enforce the rule of law.

She added that the most important thing is to have the heart to put oneself in the shoes of the victims because it is unacceptable that the federal and state governments have no empathy with the women, who are only looking for their children and will not rest until they find them.

She explained that it is necessary to put an end to impunity and make an intelligent security proposal with capable people, national and international, who understand the responsibilities of local, state and federal authorities.

At the end, the senator criticized that the strategy of “hugs and not bullets” is not a security strategy but an occurrence where bullets are for the citizens and hugs for the criminals.

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