Valladolid Thermoelectric Plant will not provide energy for the Mayan Train

Around 14 companies are working on the project, generating a total of 1,164 employees, of which 400 are local and 764 are foreign.

Construction of the Valladolid III combined cycle thermoelectric plant is currently 38% complete and is expected to be completed in January 2025.

Around 14 companies are working on the project, generating a total of 1,164 employees, of which 400 are local and 764 are foreign.

In the case of the generator that still remains at the gate, it will be installed in a few days as the base that will support it is about to be finished, according to Daniela Alonso Ruiz, in charge of the Social Management Plan department of the company “Powertecno”, one of the companies that are part of the corporation in charge of the construction of the project.

Daniela Alonso explained that they are working with all the corresponding protocols and resolutions to protect the environment, and that they will also support with some social works the Vallisoletan police stations of Ebtún and Pixoy, which are located near where the project is being developed.


The generator to be installed at the thermoelectric plant remains at the gate of the land where the work is being carried out and two cranes manipulate the platform where the equipment, which was brought by road from the port of Progreso last week, is kept.

The worker mentioned that the plant project is being developed in an area of 12 hectares that belong to the land of the “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” plant, that is to say, no other land was used, only what belongs to the CFE, so no deforestation actions were carried out, however there is a commitment to reforest a large area in the mountains near the towns of Pixoy and Ebtún, which are the closest to the project.

Thermoelectric plant will not be for the Mayan Train

According to what she said, “so that the data or information of the work being carried out is not misrepresented”, the person in charge of the Social Management plan stated that, to begin with, the plant being built will not provide energy to the Mayan train plan, but will be to strengthen its supply to Yucatan and Quintana Roo.

In this sense, he specified that the plant being built in Mérida will be the one that will provide electric energy to the Mayan Train project, so that the one being built in Valladolid will be to reinforce what is generated by the “Felipe Carrillo Puerto” plant.

He informed that the plant will produce 1020 megawatts, which is much more than what is generated by the two plants currently operating in this city, which means that it will be the second largest in Mexico, so it will reinforce the two plants in Valladolid to guarantee the generation of energy for the state of Yucatan and Quintana Roo.

At the moment, he continued, the project generates 1,164 direct jobs, of which 400 are local and 764 are foreigners who came from different states of the Republic, including people from the north of the country.

They “take advantage” of foreigners

These foreign employees favor an important economic spill in the city, but unfortunately some Valladolid citizens who provide services such as cab drivers take advantage of them and charge them higher rates than the authorized ones, just to take them to their work center.

Daniela Alonso commented that due to complaints from engineers and some employees, the houses in this city are raising their rents, also the street vendors or semi-fixed food vendors in the street charge them up to $50 for a cake, the cab service from this city to their work center charges them up to $300, which is an abuse, so she considered that “the people of Valladolid themselves are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs”, so she suggested that the authorities should put order in that sense.

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