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UFO expert presents ‘non-human bodies’ of alleged ETs before the Mexican Congress

by Magali Alvarez
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With the display of two bodies of non-human beings in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies, Mexican Ufologist Jaime Maussan and experts in the field asked legislators to recognize extraterrestrial life as a reality in our country and our world.

Before the beginning of the interventions, Maussan proposed that all the speakers swear to tell the truth.

This, as part of the first public hearing on a route for the possible legislation of unidentified anomalous aerial phenomena in Mexico, better known as unidentified flying objects (UFO).

The Mexican ufologist and communicator presumed that the two bodies shown were more than 1,000 years old, according to an investigation conducted by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

This institution determined, by means of carbon 14 analysis, that they were buried for a millennium inside diatomaceous earth, a type of algae that does not allow the growth of bacteria or fungi, which allowed their preservation.

Maussan emphasized that the presumably extraterrestrial beings are not bodies recovered in ships that fell on Earth, but that they were found buried centuries ago in the South American nation of Perú.

“It is not about mummies, it is about bodies that are whole, complete, that have not been manipulated in their interior and that have a series of elements that make them truly extraordinary”, he expressed.

For ufologist Maussan there is enough evidence to demonstrate that extraterrestrial life exists and he affirmed that if we have the courage to accept “that we are being visited by non-human intelligent creatures that come to Earth from the depths of the universe. The expert also said that it is possible for humans to travel to other universes”.

He added that its acceptance is necessary to generate security conditions in Mexican airspace, to increase research on the subject and to make the results transparent.

The ufologist recalled that Mexico has already taken a step forward when it leaked for the first time the video of a Mexican Air Force aircraft, where 11 unidentified anomalous objects were observed through an infrared camera:

Separately, U.S. fighter pilot and former U.S. Navy Director Ryan Graves, who revealed that the U.S. Government had been investigating the UFO phenomenon for years, insisted that there are already craft and debris of non-human origin in the possession of authorities in the United States.

He criticized that to date the Pentagon does not allow further research on the subject, although he recalled that a controlled declassification law was passed which states that by 2024 citizens will have to be prepared to accept the presence of non-human entities in our world.

In this sense, he urged to find a solution that allows to deepen investigations related to the UFO phenomenon in Mexico.

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