Tourism Promotion and Job Creation are the two main prioities for Espita

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal celebrated the designation of Espita as a Magical Town of Mexico, emphasizing the promotion of tourism and job creation.

During a work tour accompanied by Mayor Martha Eugenia Mena Alcocer, Vila Dosal delivered cultural equipment, housing certificates, and support to livestock farmers, and also visited the Vertical Knits plant.

The governor highlighted that this designation will attract more tourists to Espita, generating economic benefits for the community and promoting local development.

Vila Dosal delivered cultural equipment and housing certificates, in addition to providing support through various state programs.

Through the “Peso a Peso” Program, 331 producers benefited from a joint investment of 3.5 million pesos.

They also distributed 500 beehive boxes to support beekeeping activities in the region, and provided Genetic Improvement support to 534 livestock producers.

The Food Security program benefited 190 producers with maize for consumption, including native varieties.

Furthermore, communal houses were improved and equipped for the benefit of 121 ejidatarios.

Photo: SIPSE

The governor visited the Vertical Knits plant, a company that employs 200 people in Espita and produces Northface sweatshirts for export.

The designation of Espita as a Magical Town and the actions taken aim to boost development, promote tourism, and improve the quality of life for the town’s residents.

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