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“The United States shouldn’t be taken seriously,” says AMLO

by Sofia Navarro
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Verónica Malo highlights the points of the Mexico-United States bilateral relationship in her response to AMLO’s statement that the northern neighbor shouldn’t be taken seriously.

The real facts, once again, contradict López Obrador. We must take the United States seriously, just as they certainly take us seriously. The bilateral relationship covers many aspects, millions of people, trade, finance, industry, culture, and most importantly, the millions of Mexicans living across the Rio Grande.

More than 30% of agricultural workers in the United States are temporary Mexican migrants. Documented Mexican labor migration reached 276,000 nationals in 2022.

Mexico is the United States’ top trading partner and supplier, according to a report for the first half of this year by the U.S. Census Bureau (the American equivalent of INEGI). Mexico had the highest share of products sold to the United States at 15.7%, only followed by Canada (15.45%), and China, which has a 10.9% share.

Mexico’s merchandise trade balance with the United States (2022) is positive for our country and continues to grow.

We are also the top exporter of people seeking opportunities they cannot find here: more than 12 million Mexicans (born in our country) live in the United States (INEGI), and one out of every six Americans is of Hispanic or Mexican origin.

Mexican migrants inject billions of dollars into our country through remittances. In the second quarter of this year alone, there were $16 billion in remittances from the United States to Mexico.

The magnitude of remittances is such that our country is the second-largest recipient of them, surpassed only by China. Even so, everything indicates that Mexico will surpass China in less than five years. It is estimated that this year, remittances to Mexico will reach $64 billion. This will be 8.9% higher than the amount received in 2022.

In the education sector, Mexican students in Ivy League universities (among the most prestigious in the world) range from 7% to 12%, and the Institute for International Education estimates that 16,000 Mexicans study in U.S. universities.

The imprint of the United States on our country and vice versa is immense. Not only in education (development programs, research, or academic scholarships) but also in institutional strengthening and teamwork programs.

For all these reasons, it is impossible not to take the United States—its authorities and elected representatives included—seriously.

López Obrador’s words show a lack of understanding of the deep-rooted relationship between the two countries. The man who lives in the National Palace but does not act as the president of all Mexicans comes across as a fool and a ridiculous and insecure individual. I wish we had someone at the helm of the country who would truly uphold the presidential office.

López Obrador, with his brazenness and irresponsibility, which are alarming, is capable of ruining this important relationship. It has not been enough for him to miss the most important global forums (INDIA, G20) to demonstrate his disdain by attending a meeting in South America that could have been organized later. Now, by saying that the United States shouldn’t be taken seriously.

It is no wonder that in the United States, he is already known as a “political genius but a second-rate leader.”

The USMCA is important, the massive influx of fentanyl manufactured in our country is deadly, the increasing problem of migrants impacts the bilateral relationship, not to mention the agreements for assistance, support, and scholarships for our country. Does he not see any of that?

I hope that Claudia, who copies everything, does not lend herself to AMLO’s folly of saying that the United States should not be taken seriously…

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