The governor of Nuevo Leon Samuel García is acussed of harassment

Representative Lorena de la Garza accused Samuel García, the Governor of Nuevo León, of harassment, intimidation, threats, and abuse of power against what she considers his adversaries for the past nine months.

“The harassment towards me began in November of last year, and it has been 10 months of systematic harassment by the governor and his henchmen,” she stated.

The PRI member claimed that Samuel uses the Health Department to shut down the businesses of the relatives of her colleagues in Congress, among other government departments used for intimidation, all during a time of “water, mobility, and security crises.”

She mentioned that she remained silent to protect her family, “but no more, because the silence of the deputies and political figures of Nuevo León has allowed Samuel García the freedom to violate the law for almost a year and use the state apparatus against us to the detriment of the citizens.”

She demanded justice and the full weight of the law be applied to the governor for not respecting the separation of powers.

TYT Newsroom

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