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The “caballero pobre”, a cheap but delicious dessert

by Yucatan Times
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The “caballero pobre” (poor gentleman” is one of the most representative desserts of Yucatecan gastronomy, traditionally prepared by grandmothers or offered in traditional bakeries or even in local cuisine restaurants.

However, it seems to become an “exotic” dish since it is increasingly difficult to find both in restaurants and street food stalls and very few people make it at home.

For many years, the “caballero pobre”, which bear that name because they are considered one of the cheapest desserts that can be made, were a must at parties and family gatherings.

Their popularity was so great that they were even part of the offering of many small businesses and shops, both in the Yucatecan capital and rural communities. However, currently, they are only found in some street stalls in municipal markets and restaurants specializing in Yucatecan cuisine.

This sweet bread is made from what the Yucatecans call “French bread or loaf”, which we find in bakeries or with the bakers who sell from house to house in the Yucatecan neigborhoods, and in reality, it is a dish similar to the called “French toast”, introduced by Spanish cuisine in colonial times.

The slices of bread are soaked in cow’s milk and condensed milk and then coated with egg whites. They are then fried and seasoned with sugar and cinnamon. However, recipes may vary from family to family.

Grandmothers pampered children with these sweets and used bread that had been made for at least a couple of days, because when it hardened, it tooks on a firmer consistency.

It is a truly delicious dessert that has unfortunately begun to lose popularity, but that does not mean that it will disappear; The “caballero pobre” is a central and distinctive part of local gastronomy.

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