The ‘American Dream’ ends up for a dog that crossed illegally from Tijuana to the U.S. (Watch Video)

This week, a video went viral showing a dog crossing from Tijuana to the United States after several migrants took advantage of a moment when workers repairing part of the border wall dividing the two nations were momentarily distracted.

According to local media, after crossing the border, US officials noticed the presence of the little dog, which was claimed by the local beach area merchants in Tijuana.

Upon their requests, the Border Patrol returned the dog to the locals, who claim that the dog is well-known in the area, as all the shopkeepers there take care of him.

The merchants revealed that the pup is very playful and affectionate, which is why when he saw the migrants running, he thought they were playing and followed them.

One of the Tijuana locals informed that the dog was abandoned on the beaches of Baja California, and that’s where he grew up with the local merchants, who provide him with food, water, and shelter.

As for his age, they report that Bear is around six months old and has a very discerning palate. He doesn’t eat kibble; his diet is based on shrimp or whatever else others give him.

TYT Newsroom

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