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Tequila Altos is revolutionizing the premium segment

by Magali Alvarez
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Infused with natural citrus and coffee, they burst into the domestic market as the new elements of the Altos family.

Tequila is experiencing one of its best moments in the international market; options such as crystalline distillates have positioned it as a favorite in various parts of the world thanks to the nobility of its flavor.
In this scenario, Tequila Olmeca Altos has made a great bet to revolutionize the premium distilled spirits segment with a pair of Infuisionados that not only elevate its essence and authenticity by using only natural ingredients, but also positively surprise with a proposal that seeks to generate a new era for the tequila industry.

Two new 100% agave tequilas join this outstanding family of distillates: Altos Infused with Natural Citrus and Altos Infused with Natural Coffee. Both infused in the second distillation, with natural ingredients of the highest quality.

The Infusions

Altos Infusionado Cítricos is an infusion of 100% agave Tequila Joven with tangerine and lime, while Altos Infusionado Café is infused with natural coffee from the states of Oaxaca and Veracruz, with sweet notes that recall the flavor of traditional coffee.

Something that distinguishes these distillates from other types of flavored tequilas is that the ingredients are added during the distillation process, contrary to what happens with other proposals, in which the flavors are added at the end. This care in the process results in a liquid that is perceived with a note that captures the entire palate, with notes of high quality, elegant, sophisticated and unique.

“We are very proud of the result because it took three years of work, studies and experimentation to reach the final product. In Mexico, half of the distilled spirits market is dedicated to tequila. Many times we invest in it through an iteration of what already exists, which is very respectable, but in this case the decision we made was to find a segment that does not exist yet, to somehow set new consumption trends,” said Michael Merolli, CEO of House of Tequila.

How to enjoy them?

These new versions are aimed at all tequila lovers who are looking for quality time with friends to enjoy, and who value the unpretentious dining and drinking experience while looking for different flavors and experiences.

Because of its quality and flavor, Altos Infusionado can be drunk straight, in a caballito, but is designed to be drunk in long drinks, at home, with friends and accompanied by lemon or cola soda and a slice of lime, according to consumer preference.

Marketed in 700 ml bottles, with an ABV of 35%, all are produced in the Los Altos de Jalisco region, ideal for tequila production due to its mineral-rich volcanic soil and optimum altitude.

Starting this October, they will be available at major supermarket chains and e-commerce sites.

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