State police captures the alleged attacker of a woman in the Parque de las Américas

On the night of Tuesday, September 26, State Police agents arrested Jesús Manuel O. H., likely responsible for the attack on a woman last Sunday morning in downtown Mérida and another woman in the Parque de Las Américas hours later.

The investigating police officers in coordination with the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) collected the evidence based on which a control judge issued this first arrest warrant against the 19-year-old man, from Villahermosa, Tabasco. He is facing charges or specific homicide regarding attempted robbery.

The investigations resulted in the location and capture of the individual, who was placed at the disposal of the judicial authority.

The detainee robbed and injured a 19-year-old girl with a knife near the bus station on 66th and 71st streets in downtown Mérida.

That same day, as we recently reported, another woman was the victim of robbery and injuries with a knife in the Parque de Las Américas, a case in which the authorities are moving forward to obtain a court order.

The Secretariat of Public Security and the State Attorney General’s Office reiterate their gratitude to the citizens for their valuable collaboration from the moment the events were reported to 911 and for providing the videos from their private and business cameras to the investigating agents and prosecutors.

TYT Newsroom

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