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SSY carries out Dengue prevention efforts

by Magali Alvarez
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Merida, Yucatan, September 4, 2023.- To safeguard the health of all the inhabitants of the state, the Yucatan Ministry of Health (SSY) has carried out larvae control in 386,823, 123,451 hectares have been fogged with fumigation vehicles and 29,365 homes have been fumigated, and work will continue in subdivisions, neighborhoods of Merida and municipalities in the interior of the state, informed the director of Prevention and Health Protection, Carlos Isaac Hernandez Fuentes.

He detailed that 1,614 tons of potential mosquito breeding sites (cacharros) have been collected; and 81 buildings have been certified as clean and free of breeding sites.

When presenting the calendar of activities, the official announced that on Monday 4 brigades will attend: Jardines del Norte, San Pedro Cholul, Santa María Chuburná, Vicente Oriente, Polígono 108, Brisas del Norte, Jesús Carranza, López Mateos, Las Brisas, Nueva Mayapán, Los Reyes, Pacabtún, Mayapán, Manuel Ávila Camacho, Salvador Alvarado Oriente, Fidel Velázquez, Jardines Miraflores, Carrillo Ancona, La Huerta, Santa Cecilia; and the municipality of Kanasín.

He informed that on Tuesday, September 5th, coverage will be provided in the following neighborhoods: Azcorra, Miraflores, San José Vergel, Vergel I,II,III and IV, Vergel 65, San Antonio Kaua II, Reparto Granjas, Nueva. Kukulcán, Canto, San Antonio Kaua, Unidad Morelos, Vicente Solís, María Luisa, Salvador Alvarado Sur, Fraccionamiento Kukulcán, Libertad and Sambulá.

Other neighborhoods where the coverage will be provided are Nueva Sambulá, Fraccionamiento Salvador Alvarado, Los Reyes, Obrera, Palmeras I and III, Santa María Guadalupe, Palmeras, Melitón Salazar, Castilla Cámara, Dolores Otero, Los Pinos, Nuevo Yucatán, Itzimná 108 San Esteban, Petcanché, Alemán, Emiliano Zapata Oriente, Polígono 108 CTM, Melchor Ocampo, Lourdes Industrial, Villa Fontana, Del Carmen, Chuminópolis, Waspa, Del Parque, Lázaro Cárdenas, Wallis, Nueva Chichén, Benito Juárez Oriente, Emilio Portes Gil, Chichen Itzá, Cortes Sarmiento, Industrial, La Antigua, Petronila, Santa Ana, and of course, Centro.

He said that on Wednesday, September 6th, will work in: Cinco Colonias, the Second Section of Álamos del Sur, Brisas De San José, Emiliano Zapata Sur First and Third Sections, El Roble, Opichén, Renacimiento, San José Tecoh Second Section, San José Tecoh Sur, Valle Dorado, Villa Magna, Valparaíso, Mulsay, San Antonio Xluch Second Section, Cinco Colonias Second Section, Jardines de Nueva Mulsay, Nueva Mulsay, Paseos Opichén; and Ampliación Tixcacal Opichén.

Likewise: Xoclán Bech, Juan Pablo II, Centro, Mejorada, Vergel I, II and 65, Ricardo Flores Magón, Misné, San Pablo Oriente, Miraflores Sección II, San Antonio Kaua, Morelos Oriente, Unidad Morelos, Obrera, Centro, San Miguel Fraccionamiento del Sur, Ampliación la Hacienda, Brisas Del Sur, Santa Rosa, Quinta Santa Rosa, Manzana 115, Mercedes Barrera, Cinco Colonias, Zazil Há, San José Tecoh; Nueva San José Tecoh.

For Thursday 7, work will be done in: Xoclán Santos, Xoclán San Manuel, Francisco I. Madero,San Lorenzo, Bojórquez, Bosques Del Poniente, Roma II, Villas De Yucalpetén, Nora Quintana, Paseos de Las Fuentes, San Pedro, San Damián, García Ginerés, Col. Yucatán, Pensiones, Pensiones Norte, Lindavista, San Luis Chuburná, Elefante Grande, El Rosario, Paseos De Chenkú II, Jardínes del Norte, Del Prado Chuburná, Privadas Chuburná, San Pablo Uxmal; and San Pedro Uxmal.

Also, Magnolias, Terranova, Valle Dorado, San Antonio Xluch Segunda Sección, San Arturo Xluch, Emiliano Zapata Sur, Álamos Del Sur Cinco Colonias Segunda Sección, Brisas De San José, Manuel Crescencio Rejón, El Roble III, San Marcos Nocoh, Sac Nicté, Villas Mérida, Libertad, Graciano Ricalde, Xoclán Rejas, Pedregales De Mulsay, Hacienda Mulsay, Mexico Oriente, Xoclán Susulá, Xoclán, Villa Magna, Tixcacal Opichén, Frutícola Susulá, Juan Pablo II, Fraccionamiento Mulsay, Xoclán Carmelitas; and Bosques De Mulsay.

On Friday 8 will be attended: Xcumpich, Pinzón I and II, Bugambilias, Loma Bonita, Gonzalo Guerrero, Cordemex, Francisco de Montejo, Sodzil Norte, San Ramón Norte, Montebello, Montes de Amé, Benito Juárez Norte, Villas Del Rey, Villas Hacienda, San Ramón, Monte Real Buenavista Montejo, Montejo Alcalá Martín, Itzimná Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Montecristo, Maya, Montevideo, Jardines Vista Alegre, Bojórquez, Armando Ávila, Yucalpetén, El Porvenir, San Francisco, Jacinto Canek, Miguel Hidalgo, Las Vigas; and Vaca Feliz.

Also: Alcalá Martin, Pedregales De Tanlum, Col. Chuburná, San Damiancito, Turquesa, Jardines de Chuburná, Pedregales De Tanlum, Residencial Pensiones VII, Pensiones, Amapolita, Lindavista, San Francisco Chuburná, Lindavista Chuburná, Vista Alegre, Chuburná Hidalgo, El Cedral, Chuburná II, Juan B. Sosa, Cámara de la Construcción, Francisco De Montejo; and Prado Chuburná.

Finally, on Saturday, the following will be attended on the 9th: Francisco De Montejo, La Castellana, Cordemex, Revolución, Montes De Amé, Gonzalo Guerrero, Campestre Plan De Ayala, Sol Campestre, México Norte, Emiliano Zapata Norte, Col. México, Jardines Del Norte, Prado Norte, Monte Carlo, Las Águilas, Vista Alegre Norte; and Residencial Maya.

The calendar of actions in the municipalities will be as follows: Oxkutzcab will be attended on the 4th, 5th and 9th of the present, Kanasín on the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th, Valladolid on the 4th and 8th, on the 5th work will be done in Espita, Kaua on the 6th, Chichimilá on the 7th, Peto on the 6th, 7th and 9th, Tahdziú on the 7th and 9th; and Tzucacab on the 8th and 9th.

Hernandez Fuentes reminded the population to take into consideration the fumigation schedules that begin at 03:00 hours and in the evening shift from 18:40 hours, the work concludes until the routes indicated have full coverage.

He called on the population to leave their windows open when they hear the vehicles with fumigation equipment circulating through their streets, thus allowing the insecticide to penetrate inside their homes. “We have carried out home visits to different homes in the region. During these visits, our specialized teams have carried out larval control actions, as well as fumigation treatments using motorized backpacks and car-mounted equipment,” he said.

It is important to highlight that these preventive measures are fundamental to avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes and, consequently, prevent and control dengue. By eradicating potential breeding sites in domestic spaces, we are actively contributing to protecting the health of families and the entire community.

He explained that Yucatan is a state that, due to its tropical climate conditions, the presence of mosquitoes increases during the rainy season, which is why we are not lowering our guard in the campaigns to eliminate breeding sites inside homes, and in coordination with the municipal authorities, there has been a good participation of the citizens.

Finally, he pointed out that the SSY will continue working to eradicate dengue from our community. However, it is equally necessary the joint effort of all the inhabitants, adopting preventive measures in our homes such as the use of insecticides, repellent against the insect and contributing to the control of potential mosquito breeding sites, keeping their yards clean.

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