Solar Eclipse will draw tourists to Campeche! Hotels register a 60% occupancy so far for those dates

The hotel sector in the municipality of Campeche is registering over 60% in reservations from tourists who will visit the region for the solar eclipse on October 14, as reported by the Secretary of Tourism, Mauricio Arceo Piña. He clarified that the invitation is to enjoy the activities surrounding the eclipse, not to directly observe the astronomical phenomenon, as that action could have serious health consequences.

“We have been monitoring the situation, and last week there were over 60% reservations for that weekend, so with the time that remains, we are very pleased because we are truly taking advantage of this astronomical phenomenon to conduct a Mayan ceremony,” he stated.

He added that Edzná is the only archaeological site in the entire region where an event of this nature will take place because it is located in an area where the eclipse can be observed. Therefore, the opportunity to experience this phenomenon through an ancestral ceremony should not be missed, and a significant hotel occupancy is expected.

In this context, he clarified that the invitation is not to directly observe the solar eclipse, as that poses a risk to health, but to participate in the organized activities.

“We have received all kinds of recommendations from the Ministry of Health, and these recommendations will likely increase in the days leading up to the eclipse. We are inviting people to experience the eclipse through a ceremony, not to observe it. Staring at it for more than 10 seconds can cause irreversible damage to your eyes, so you must be very careful,” he asserted.

He reminded that both the Institute of Culture and Arts and the archaeological site of Edzná have provided training on the subject, and the latter location will have observatories with special telescopes for observing the astronomical event.

Finally, he clarified that the event organizers will not provide special glasses, but he recommended that citizens who intend to observe the eclipse prepare themselves with this accessory to avoid eye damage.

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