Sisal residents demolish palapas installed on the beach

Hunucmá, Yucatan, September 13, 2023.- Moments of tension were experienced this Monday, September 11th on the beaches of Sisal, after a group of residents of this coastal community took justice into their own hands to demolish at least 10 palapas, belonging to local merchants who rent them to tourists.

The facts were reported around noon on Monday, September 11th, when dozens of Sisaleños joined together and removed from the beach several palapas that according to them were illegally installed on Federal property.

State and municipal police went to the site of the incident and remained on the sidelines, allegedly keeping order, but they did nothing to stop the men from tearing down the palapas.

Meanwhile, the business owners, who installed the palapas, arrived at the site to prevent the removal of one larger palapa.

The Sisaleños demand regularization on the part of the authorities to avoid the installation of illegal palapas, as they claim the beach is a public space.

TYT Newsroom