SECTUR prepares promotion of the new airline “Mexicana de Aviación”

Miguel Torruco, head of the Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR) announced that with the goal of starting operations in December 2023, the new Mexicana Airlines is already preparing the promotion and sale of tickets in collaboration with travel agencies.

After his participation in the presentation of Green Key awards to Camino Real Hotels, the official pointed out that among the agreements reached, meetings were arranged with travel companies to participate in international fairs to help promote the company.
“We have already had the meeting with all the directors of the companies that have been created, which are managed by the Ministry of Defense, and we are already going to have work tables by different companies to follow up on the deals we have reached.”

“We are just about to have the work tables, the proposals to be developed have already been made and from the next 15 days we will be developing by company the specific issues,” he highlighted.

With the beginning of operations of the new Mexicana Airlines, the conclusion of highways in Oaxaca, trains and the recovery of spaces, the head of the Ministry of Tourism considered that it is giving an outlet to initiatives abandoned by other governments.
“We are talking about the fact that there were many projects that had been left adrift and are now being concluded,” he emphasized.

He also commented that for SECTUR, the strength of the peso against the dollar, far from affecting tourism activity, has been a factor in repositioning Mexico among the main travel destinations.

“There has been confidence from investors and with this, what was previously said that the firm peso had to be devalued to be competitive has collapsed, it was totally false.

“The firm peso has brought us more foreign currency, last year we captured 28 billion 16 million dollars, 14 percent more than in 2019,” insisted the official.

According to Sectur data, for this 2023, some 31 billion dollars are expected to be captured by tourism.

“In 2018, we were left with the tourism sector in a distant 17th place in foreign exchange training, and in an even more distant 40th place in per capita spending.

“Today we are in ninth place in foreign exchange earnings and from 40th place we moved up to 28th place in per capita spending,” Torruco pointed out.

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